Wise Orchard irrigation valve Enjoy a smarter garden

Wise Orchard adjusts your watering schedule automatically to keep your plants healthy
and save water while allowing complete
control from your smartphone


Wireless water valve

Wise Orchard's Internet-connected irrigation valve automatically adjusts your plants' watering schedule so that they are always healthy and beautiful, using just the right amount of water by watching your local weather.

You can install it in minutes, attaching it to your tap and hose to easily control and monitor your garden from your smartphone. You bring the hose, it does the rest.

How it works

Wise Orchard pulls local weather data automatically from multiple weather forecast services and thousands of weather stations in order to create and adjust your personalized watering plan in real time.

That, together with the information you provide on your plants and soil, helps it determine your watering needs in order to adjust the schedule automatically and provide you with tips on how to better take care of your plants.



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    Wise Orchard uses your Wifi to get weather and watering schedule updates and even software updates over-the-air (OTA).

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    Smart and capable of learning

    Automatically waters your plants when they need it, using artificial intelligence algorithms that adjust the schedule intelligently.

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    Keeps you in control

    We designed Wise Orchard with both novice and expert gardeners in mind. It can simplify garden care while also offering an unprecedented level of customization.

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What it can do for you



You get tips on how to keep your plants healthy, thanks to our artificial intelligence engine. We process many data points relevant to your plants and local environment from multiple online sources.

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Wise Orchard waters just what your plants need;
no more guesswork, swampy lawns or wilting plants.
You save time and money!

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Easy to use and customize: have your watering configuration at your fingertips. Forget those confusing knobs and buttons.

Frequently asked questions

Of course, you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection for your smartphone or computer.

iPhone/iPad (iOS 8 and up) and Android (4.4 Kitkat and up).

You can buy it directly on this website! We're also working on making it available on an increasing number of retailers and partners.

You can get it for free from the Apple App store or the Google Play store. And there is also a web version.

No problem: if your Internet connection is down, the valve still has a schedule for at least a whole week. And if that week passes, it would switch to "emergency" mode, where it generates up to one watering a day, for as long as necessary.

Wise Orchard has been designed to last for the full watering season (early spring to late fall), so it will last a whole year.
It will also warn you when the batteries are low so you can change them. It manages its power consumption by connecting periodically to the Internet, not being constantly connected.

The approximate range of the Wise Orchard valve in a common garden is 150 feet / 50 meters. Depending on obstructions (walls and so on) this might be different in your case.

Yes, you'll be able to control all of them from the app. There's no limit on the number of zones you can control.

Please follow the instructions in the quick start manual and our online manual. You can contact us if you need more assistance.

Have a look at our smart watering section on the online manual or contact us if you need more assistance.

Initial configuration is handled seamlessly and securely from the mobile app. You can find additional information in our online manual.

It is water resistant, so it can take rain, but don't submerge it under water.

Yes, our API is public and you can make your own software to program the valve yourself, follow this link for more info.

What people say about us

"Works exactly as described. Love it."

Brad P. (United States)

"Just a quick note, as watering season begins, to say how pleased I am with my Wise Orchard. It just works! And compared with other watering systems, such a good price."

Chris S. (United States)

"I really enjoy my Wise Orchards. No matter how I use them, with sprinklers for my grass and with drippers for my plants/flowers - with the smart watering function everything just gets the water it needs - fully automatic and easy to install."

Peter D. (Germany)

"What I like most of the Wise Orchard watering system is the good price, avoiding having to water my plants and that it adapts watering to my local weather conditions and forecast."

Philipp G. (Austria)

"Good piece of kit!"

Jon G. (United Kingdom)

"I started to use Wise Orchard only for manual remote access from my smartphone, but now I use it for its smart full weather forecast features."

Telmo C. (Portugal)

Wise Orchard makes gardening better,
easier and less wasteful for everyone.